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Remember when life was not so rushed ?

When we knew our neighbours and were an integral part of their lives
as they were of ours?

When neighbours inevitable became family friends and live in perfect harmony?

Maangalya Prosper, we hope. Will see the coming together of 274 like-minded families in a sylvan 4-acre campus. Two blocks of three towers each, occupy just a quarter of the project site - leaving more than 80000 square feet for lovely landscaped gardens and charming community spaces where you can catch up with neighbours, bond with your family or simply watch the evening slip into night.

Maangalya Prosper stands tall and proud in the midst of the Anjanapura Township - one of the largest layouts formed by the Bangalore Development Authority in Recent years. The planned layout will translate into orderly development and serene environs. BDA's mini forest in the neighborhood will further enhance the lush greenery both within the projects and outside. Anjanapura has a scenic lake too! With Nature almost your next door neighbor, serenity, and tranquility is assured.

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